A Profile of Our Owner and Founder, Neil Carson

At Neil Carson Stone Walling and Landscapes, our selling point is "Have It in Stone!" Why? Because stone is solid, durable, dependable, and strong. It's a no-nonsense building material which has plenty of substance and style. Any project completed by us will be attractive and aesthetically pleasing, but most importantly, it must be enduring and solid. We want it to be there for generations, and that is why we will never take shortcuts.

Neil – The Gaffer

Neil Carson Stone Walling and Landscapes was formed on July 13th, 1994. My first job was courtesy of a makeshift colour poster in a shop window, as well as some PR in the local pub.


Prior to 1994, I had learned stonewalling and landscaping whilst working for a number of different companies. This helped me hone my skills to perfection, and since 1994, I have never looked back. As the years have passed by, my client list has expanded, and I took on my first employee, Martin Johnson, in July 2003. Andrew Reid soon followed in August 2004.

I make sure to instil in my staff the values of punctuality, reliability, and professionalism. The tasks we undertake include stonewalling and laying flagged and cobbled driveways and patios, stone fireplaces, archways, and stone steps. Turfing and the general landscaping of gardens is also performed.
The whole team takes great pleasure in seeing a project through from start to finish; from the excavation at the start and the foundation work through to the creative, constructive part of the project and finally the finishing touches. All projects are completed with the final tidying up and removal of all debris. It gives me great satisfaction to view the completed project with a satisfied and pleased customer, and I have lost count of the bottles of wine and whiskey I have received from grateful customers!

Looking back over the years, I feel that the business has gone from strength to strength; from the days where it was a one-man band, with me, my old Renault™ 5, and a few hand tools in 1994; to the present day, where we have a three-strong team, two vans, and numerous mechanised tools. I truly believe that my team now has the skills, ability, and confidence to expand and grow much, much further. Whilst the size and structure of the business has changed, the basic guiding principles have always remained the same—always be thorough, work in an organised, efficient manner, and be punctual and reliable.
In running this business, I have built up a very good relationship with all my customers, who have not only praised our workmanship but also the general conduct and dedication of my staff. We have distanced ourselves from the clichéd, stereotypical view of builders—being rough, unreliable, and ill-mannered. We are all totally committed to the continued success and expansion of Neil Carson Stone Walling and Landscapes.

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